4 years. During school times that’s the equivalent of getting a degree. 4 years of high school – high school diploma. 4 years of college – bachelors degree. Now, I’ve completed my 4 years of Amazon – my own degree of craftsmanship.

When I joined, the digital music division of Amazon in SF, it was about 15 people. It was actually called A2Z Development center then, and we couldn’t sport the official Amazon name. At least not until Amazon started collecting taxes in CA that is.

Now that I’m leaving, it’s I think around 250. Tremendous growth – obviously meaning a lot of investment from Seattle – and during it all we launched a plethora of products. I experienced a lot, but now it’s more akin to Amazon proper (Seattle) than the ‘little SF office that could.’ So I’ve bid ado to my friends there, and very excitedly head back to a small environment with the startup Jut.

I’ll be making some posts on products I helped launch. I’ll probably keep the posts pretty dry because Amazon is kind of draconian on their information sharing, but it’s always nice to share accomplishments of work past, so that’s what I plan on doing.