I’m posting almost never now, but that’s just because I’m busy with other stuff. Work is ever changing and interesting, and I’m going backpacking in Peru in a few days.

My last post was a partly about differences of opinions at work, and while I haven’t really made much progress moving people to my point of view, I am altering my view on things a little. First, things are working well enough with how we’re doing our jobs, so I have to give that credit. Certainly, some problems could have possibly been avoided, and some future problems that we’ll have to address still loom, but overall, things are functions well enough code wise.

So really, our biggest challenges are business oriented, and the company is at a special place trying to push itself passed that key tipping point for a startup, so there’s an especially acute set of pressures coming from the business side. That’s caused me to tone back my point of view a notch in light of understanding the business needs better, but it’s also toned back a notch because I’m more interested in focusing my efforts on front-end development. Also, I’m on the committee that’s helping draft company core values as well as improve internal company problem areas, which is a fun big (internal) picture kind of function that I really enjoy, and which I hope will also help us become a much better company.

But that will all be placed on hold very soon for my hike to Machu Picchu, and I’m getting really excited for this trek (if not so much for the 30+ hour flight down south).