I created a demo video of the application I helped build for my last company, which I no longer work for. They have a live version that can be accessed online, but since it’s a sophisticated tool that requires some prior knowledge, it’s easier for me to give people a general overview of the look and feel by using this kind of video.

I don’t show all of the application, just a couple main pages. At this time, some pages are old versions that aren’t of the latest internal version from when I left, and some pages are updated with new stuff that I had nothing to do with, but the video shows pages that haven’t really changed since I left. Since I can’t vouch for the quality or state of the application now that I’m gone, this video gives some general sense of the product.

Quality is pretty crappy being a Youtube video. I have a .mov file, but I can’t upload that here, so if anyone is interested in a higher quality, then let me know (~30MB file).

Overall, I’m happy with the product. I feel like I did a hell of a lot of work on it doing everything from UI Design, client-side coding to server-side and business logic coding to some database work as well. There’s plenty of points that could be improved, things I’d do differently if I did them again now, but such is the way with small companies and tight deadlines. The demo had been tested against IE5.5-7, FF2 (Mac and Windows), and Safari (Mac). I believe Opera worked fine as well. FF3 has a couple minor visual glitches, but probably not noticeable by someone not familiar with the product. FF3 came out after the initial design, and client work (and my boss’ priorities) kept me from fixing the issues before I left (UI Design was the least important thing to pretty much everyone, but me). C’est la vie.