This is really awesome to see. A friend from college, Will Godfrey, who I used to party and break the rules with is off doing some acting in various movies. He was obviously an amazing actor at college, and it’s great seeing what he’s doing in this youtube clip cut together from an array of movies he’s been in. Various production grades, but good stuff. I need to get my hands of full copies of any of these.

I remember Will coming into the dorm room and he’d start talking to you. You’d start having a conversation with him, and 30 seconds or more later, you’d realize that he’s just rehearsing lines from a play he was performing in, and he wasn’t actually talking to you. It almost got annoying since he’d trick us often enough, but at the same time, it was amazing witnessing such control and skill. Lots of fun times with probably the craziest guy I’ve ever met, and thankfully we had Rich playing Will control when we partied hardest, but lots of good memories.

My favorite part in watching these clips is hearing a word or two, the way he says them that makes me think, “Now that sounds like Will”. They’re really just quick comments that remind me of some completely unrelated Will things, and that gives me a little chuckle. He does a great job being the characters he’s playing, but you’ll catch a word or a reaction that is just Will-esque.