I write this blog for a handful of reasons, but one of the main reasons I started writing was for my own education, or more accurately, my ability to use what I learn when I need it. As How We Learn by William Glasser states, teaching is the best way to absorb knowledge.

Even if no one reads anything I write here, I’d still write it just because I know it’ll help solidify what I learn, or think I already know. It helps writing about things that interest you, and if you can’t use something you learn, then from my experience, thinking creativity about something new is the next best thing. It’s about putting new ideas into strange situations, which makes them “snap” into the brain because of the extraordinariness of what you’re doing. I frequently invent conversations in my head, so I can bounce ideas around and see what feels right, and putting some of that on paper or online, forces me to pick a side, even if I’m not fully on board with it. This helps make a splash in the brain, which is important when you want to recall that information, and that’s crucial when you manage your money once or twice a year.

Short post, and one of my last for the next few weeks. I’m leaving for my Southeast Asia trip next week, and I’ll be gone and disconnected for a good two weeks, so I probably won’t post but one more time before June. But, I’ll be back for sure.