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Removing Complexity. Not just any complexity, but financial complexity. This is NOT a blog about picking stocks, although I may post about stock valuation and various pricing models such as CAPM and 3FM. This blog IS about making financial matters simple and manageable for you. Too many people don’t know what they’re doing, and are confused or scared into an inappropriate direction (more costly) because others over-hype and over-complicate money matters.

There is an abundance of financial discussion taking place online, but most of it is misguided and detrimental to those participating. Cutting out the bullshit and greed driven decision making will help you spend less time with your finances, more time enjoying life, and almost counter intuitively, make you more money. There’s no reason managing your finances can’t take an hour a month or less. Finances really are just that simple (no matter what your net worth).

However, all-things-finance can quickly become complex. Understanding the depth of each situation will help you make better decisions, but that doesn’t mean you have to get a degree in finance or you have to hire a CPA or CFP. Future posts will lay out a basic plan for minimizing the time required for managing your money as well as show support, using the decades of academic and institutional research that’s publicly available, that doing so will make you more money.

There are some great resources available, although sometimes harder to find and less publicized. Making money and getting rich isn’t a sexy ordeal all the time. It isn’t about this month’s stock picks, but about long term financial planning. Ramit Sethi (recent Stanford Graduate) has a great site that will help you get started from the very beginning, and keep you entertained at the same time called I Will Teach You To Be Rich. For other resources, check out the links in the side bar.

While I’m adding my voice to an already crowded field, there is a line of investing that is superior to the majority of hype driven strategies already being covered by other sites. However, since it’s not always as impressive and catchy at parties (buy and hold – forever preferably), it’s not yet easily accessible to those who don’t study it, but once there, it will make you more money and save you time for better things in life.